Through My Lens

When I’m looking through my lens things don’t exist like




There is only me, my lens, and the scene. And all that matters is capturing what I feel in that moment when I look at whatever it is I’m shooting. I want to be able to look at that image and remember that feeling. I want to feel exactly what I’m feeling in that moment again.

It’s like I become someone else. Someone who’s not afraid to take risks, to have fun. Anxious would certainly not be a word used to describe me. 





These are words that describe how I feel in those moments. I was interested in anything that provided great photo opportunities. Walk across a rickety bridge over dangerous water? Absolutely! Scale the inside of a glacier? Why not! Scuba dive? As long as I can take my waterproof camera!

Being behind my lens was like a rush. Daring to be courageous added a rush of adrenaline, making me feel alive. The more I enjoyed my photography, the more I wanted to photograph, and the more I wanted to photograph, the more I wanted to go do and see.

Why did I stop using my camera? Why am I so afraid to take my camera back out?

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  1. Wow that is a beautiful picture. I love it. Im just learning this about my camera I got it as gift. My next Carmera I want be a full frame. A friend let use his and the quality of the photo are awesome.

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